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LED Signs

Ballinger Technology manufactures 2 different types of High Brightness LED signs. Designed for use on vehicles, but suitable for other applications we have:

 - A range of speed display signs used to test Red Light and Speed Cameras. Capable of displaying 0 to 199 KPH or 0 to 199.9 KPH these signs offer an accuracy of +/- 2 KPH and will display to either whole kilometres or 10ths dependent on the model being used. 2 different sizes are available allowing for roof/external mounting or a smaller version designed to be mounted inside the vehicle looking out the rear window.

- Alphanumeric High Brightness LED signs. These signs are dedicated signs displaying only one message. Designed to be mounted outside they are waterproof, visible in direct sunlight and have automatic brightness control.

All signs are custom made and designed to suit your requirements.